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Brains DAO is a Create-To-Earn EduFi platform that aims to provide content creators a platform to earn from revenue sharing while educating and onboarding non-crypto people into web3.

About Us

Welcome to Brains DAO

Brains DAO is a create-to-earn edufi platform that aims to provide content creators an opportunity to earn and generate revenues via education and on-boarding non-crypto people into WEB3.

Brains DAO is positioned as a bridge to yield growth in web3 opportunities by using education to drive blockchain adoption around the world, while also giving financial freedom to holders of BRAINS token through the reward mechanism.

Brains  DAO's   Roadmap

Project's Roadmap

  • Launch of website.
  • Private sale and Presale.
  • Token Launch.
  • Integration of content creators to the platform.
  • Expansion of user base through targeted marketing campaigns and community engagement.
  • Begin the distribution of revenue sharing among creators.
  • Introduction of innovative Edufi and robust web3 app.
  • Partnerships with major CEXs
  • Hosting of conferences and hackathons.
  • Setting up training centers across top cities.

Token Distribution


How the token is allocated

Total Supply


100 Million Brains Tokens



1% will get added to liquidity, 1% will be going to treasury to help fund the project and 1% will be distributed to holders.

Liquidity (locked)


Liquidity is locked to secure and stabilize the token's value.

Private Sale


Participants of private sale share 10% from revenue generated from the platform for 1 year.

Airdrop (coming soon)


1% airdrop to active community members.

Revenue Sharing


Content creators share in the revenue generated on the platform


We provide libraries for web3 courses readily available for you

Simple explanations of complicated web3 protocols & concepts. Friendly tutorials to get anyone up & running in the space.

What is Web3?

Web3 is a concept for the evolution of the web that will incorporate blockchain technology and allow token-based economics and decentralization. It’s the next and the third generation of web technology with the ability to change everything.

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DeFi Breakdown For Newbies

Before the introduction of DeFi, centralized finance was originally the standard for crypto trading as it occupied a stronghold over the crypto industry.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Exploring NFTs.

Non-fungible tokens are tradable digital assets that contain information that essentially says, “the person in control of this crypto wallet address is the owner of a computer file, stored in this location.”

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Why we are unique

Our Team

Meet The Team

Udy Highs

Founder & Community Head, De-Fi Expert.

Crypto Nurse

Marketing Lead, Community Manager.

Chukwuma O.T

Senior Content Lead.

Samuel Ben.

FullStack Dev

Uyobong Etuk

Content Designer



BRAINS Token is a native token of Brains DAO platform that is designed as a wealth creation for holders through two main features; Sharing revenue and holders' reward mechanism. You can buy BRAINS Token from the exchanges where it is listed.

BRAINS DAO is creating a platform for creators to onboard non-crypto people and engage their communities using Brains DAO tools while earning 70% sharing revenue from the platform.

Yes, Brains DAO aims to provide opportunity for various content creators, allowing them to join and engage with their audience.

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